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Turnabout Education support includes a range of in-school training, extensive documentation and a ‘helpful’ help-desk

The complete package

Extensive supporting documentation is provided to include: clearly set-out descriptions of how to carry out each Turnabout activity, structured activity examples, recording sheets, assessment documentation, procedures to enhance self-esteem and an ongoing Help Desk.   

Turnabout Programme Workshop

Turnabout Education provides practical ‘hands-on’ training for teachers and learning support assistants.  Training is usually  on-site at the school and is a full day for the staff being trained. Turnabout is usually delivered by teaching support staff. Turnabout on-site training primarily involves a ‘hands-on’ workshop during  which staff learn and practice how to deliver the programme.  Typically we train the Senco plus up to ten support staff. For larger numbers of attendees we provide additional  trainers to maintain the effectiveness of the practical workshop activities.  

In addition to the practical aspects, the training includes an appreciation of the characteristics of dyslexia and attention deficit as seen in the classroom. This is excellent Inset giving  the participants a greater understanding of their pupils’ difficulties. These sessions are designed to assist the school in identifying suitable learners for the programme. Often, we follow the training course  with an appreciation session for teaching staff  - usually carried out as a ‘twilight’ session.

A brilliant course! Very well explained and demonstrated.


 *Modelling! YES! - I love it when a concept is not only delivered verbally but physically too! I will be leaving this session with clarity!

 *Theory ・I feel I understand the concepts well and the ideas behind it. Great!

Shown  below is a representative sample of the Course Reviews following  on-site Turnabout Programme training at various schools during  Autumn term 2014. Comments  from -  Sencos, Inclusion Managers and Teaching Assistants