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The first cohort were the weakest learners in the school and all were on Wave 3 interventions. Now the pupils in this cohort are functioning in the classroom and all are within age expected levels for reading.

We have chosen a challenging group of children to work with as we have seen from cohort one how the programme addresses so much more than just focus and attention – we noticed improvement in coordination, confidence, independent working skills, retention of prior learning, as well as improved attitude to learning and enjoyment of school in general, even from pupils with very specific difficulties/SEN

This selection of seven representative case studies illustrates the effectiveness of this programme in the relatively short period of time that it is applied and in a wide range of schools. As can be seen from the comments below, the teachers readily recognise the impact of the programme.

Having used the Turnabout programme with pupils from Year 4 to Year 11, I have been impressed with not only the ease of use but also the results. On a practical level, it has enabled personalised programmes to be delivered and the recording sheets provide tracking and demonstrate progress, without being onerous. The activities themselves are deceptively easy to administer, all the students, regardless of age or ability, have readily engaged in the programme. They respond well to the  structure of the sessions and we have been able to adapt the delivery and/or the activities to suit the needs of our students without detracting from the efficacy of the programme. All students who have undertaken Turnabout have made progress:  before and after reading test results showed improvements  across the board and class teachers report notable advances  in self-esteem and self-confidence and consequently behaviour.

“Some children can’t do phonics so we put them on Turnabout and then they can.”