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“The year 6 children who scored 10y 6m had reached the ceiling of the reading test on exit.

The biggest change was a year  6 child who moved 2 years and 8 months following this intervention.

The children who had not scored on entry (approximately 4y 6m) moved the next highest, progressing around 2 years and more.

The APS improvement in reading for children who had taken part averaged at 4.7.

All the children enjoyed the intervention and benefited from it.

Delayed readers in Year 3 and 6 seem to have benefited most.”

The results shown on this page are from a Junior school in a low

socio-economic area of a large city. The improvements in reading include significant advances for pupils who, prior to Turnabout, the school had assessed as ‘too low to score’.

Impact for Key Stage Two Pupils