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  Remarkable Results for a Year 2 cohort

****** Primary School is an unusually large school with a little under one thousand pupils.

About one fifth of the pupils come from refugee families or those seeking asylum. The proportion of pupils known to be eligible for free school meals is above average while the percentage who have special educational needs and/or disabilities is broadly average.” (Inspection description)

 The 36 pupils selected for Turnabout were a very low achieving group; 29 pupils were at a N/C level of 1B or below for Reading; 29 of the 36 pupils were at an N/C level of 1B or below for Writing and 25 of the 36 pupils were at an N/C level of 1B or below for Mathematics. Six pupils within the cohort were assessed to be at a level too low to register on the N/C scale. All of these 36 pupils were selected by the school as those who had not responded fully to previous teaching and to other interventions.

Following the Turnabout intervention, the majority of the pupils entered KS2 with age appropriate abilities and  no longer requiring additional support.

Progress in one term for this cohort

% making 4+ points progress:-

Reading - 75% of pupils - Writing -  54% of pupils - Mathematics - 57% of pupils

Reading Age Advances in 12 weeks

Over one year -  30 pupils - Over one and a half years - 17 pupils -  Over two years  -  9 pupils

Pupil Progress

Working with the younger pupils