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T…… started the Turnabout programme at the beginning of Year 8. He is a co-operative boy who tries hard, but found it very hard to retain focus in his lessons. He would obsessively play with his watch, fidget and daydream. When asked a question he would not be able to answer until he had re-focused on the lesson by being given a summary of the work. In science he would find it hard to participate in group activities and outside of the class he was a bit of a loner, unable to make friends. His IEP described him as having a development disorder in motor planning and receptive language. With partially impaired vision he also had poor spatial awareness and took a long time to complete work. At the beginning of Year 8 the possibility of moving him down to a set more compatible with his abilities was being discussed.

He started the Turnabout Programme with a reading age of 9 years and 3 months. At first  he would get a bit mixed up but gradually his recall improved and he began to see Turnabout as a challenge that he was improving at. In the classroom his fidgeting became less noticeable, he was much better at starting the lesson and his concentration was better.

Teachers started to remark on his willingness to answer class questions and the fact that he was more involved with the class. At the end of 12 weeks of the Turnabout Programme he was a much more confident boy and his reading age was above 10 years 6 months. He still needed occasional reassurance but generally he could be left to work on his own.

At the end of year 8 he was very close to being moved up a set in science and now is consistently at the top of his class. A very big change to the beginning of year 8!

Similar improvements have been noted across the range of candidates for Turnabout but T….’s progress was very pleasing to be involved with. It has encouraged me to feel very positive about the Turnabout Programme and I am looking forward to the coming year and working with the team of trainers we have formed.

A Teaching Assistant at a  secondary school was kind enough to send us this  email

Year 8 student - from the bottom of the class to the top