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The Turnabout Programme at ****  School

****** started its use of the programme with 56 Year 5 and 6 pupils. The main reason  for selecting this age group was to improve performance in Mathematics particularly for the  Year 6 pupils.We have observed the Teaching Assistants carrying out the programme and have noted that the school has delivered the programme very capably and in-line with the recommended procedures.

Accelerated Progress

Measures of the number of pupils making  accelerated progress (i.e. significantly  greater than Dept for Education ‘expected’ progress) are - 66% Reading, 80% for Writing and 80% for Mathematics. This notwithstanding the fact that most of the pupils were at an age expected level for Reading at the start.

Year 6 pupils

The results for Year 6 pupils are important as these pupils will shortly be leaving for secondary school. The measured results for these pupils are very good and the school can be seen to have achieved its objectives for these pupils.

In Mathematics, in just the one term, 63% of pupils made one N.C. sub-level progress and 33% of pupils made two sub-levels progress

In Reading, in just this one term, four of the pupils made three N.C. sub-levels progress and one pupil made an extraordinary four  sub-levels progress.

These results understate the full impact of this programme, as it is usual that the improvements continue  beyond the initial 12 weeks as the pupil’s enhanced capability to learn takes full effect.

This primary school decided to utilise Turnabout to improve the mathematics capabilities of its Years 5 and 6 pupils who were generally achieving satisfactorily in English but had been below  expectations  in Mathematics throughout their time in the school.  The following comments and graphs are from a report prepared by Turnabout Education for presentation  to the school governors.

Improving  Mathematics Capabilities