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Why Turnabout?

The Turnabout Programme is for the ‘hard to move’ pupils. In three months most pupils make at least one year advance in measured Reading Age and Literacy/Numeracy National Curriculum levels   - some make two and three year advances

How does it work?

Turnabout  is based on structured tactile non-linguistic mental exercises designed to develop many aspects of memory including working memory, visual and auditory capabilities, accurate recall from long term memory, information processing speed and memory sequencing capability. When the learner has acquired improved memory then effective learning can take place. Turnabout requires one hour a week for 12 weeks. Activities to enhance the self esteem of the previously unsuccessful learner are an integral part of the programme.

How do we know it works so quickly?

The schools tell us! The integral baseline and recording systems enable schools to demonstrate rapid improvements in literacy and numeracy as well as in behaviour and attitude. The evidence supplied by many schools and  as exemplified by the case studies, illustrates why this programme should be used to help the pupils  who are not achieving their potential and those who have not responded fully to other interventions.

Who is Turnabout for?

Turnabout is used successfully in infant, primary and secondary schools as well as being effective in special schools and PRUs. The programme enables pupils with dyslexic characteristics to accelerate their progress.  

Turnabout is  a very appropriate use of Pupil Premium funding  

“This was the best course I have ever been on. Did what it purported to do. Amazing ‘delivery’ tutors. I can’t wait to get it set up. Having been an advisor I know the prep that went into this -so thank you. I want to get it started.